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About Us

Why: The Torah teaches that we should use everything we have for something positive, and this website/Email project is just my/our way of doing something positive with the internet and Email.

How: This project started when I was the Chapter Advisor for a Shul (synagogue) in Los Angeles (Shaarei Tefila), running their NCSY chapter. I had to write a Dvar for our own little weekly bulletin, called "Bible Babble". A few months into it, someone called to ask me if I had a Dvar for them, and I suggested sending them the one I wrote for the Babble. They liked the idea, liked the Dvar, asked to get it every day. A few more people called to ask for the same, and thatís how it started. Until today, the only way the list grows is when people refer their friends.

When: The Email project started in September, 1995. The website was introduced in November, 2000

Who: The Dvar is meant for anyone that wants to know, and grow as a Jew, and as a person. Although the author is an Orthodox Jew, the content, ideas, and concepts arenít necessarily Orthodox. The point of being a Jew isnít to be a specific "kind" of Jew, and the Dvars reflect just that.





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