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Dvar Tetzaveh

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the concise, relevant Weekly Dvar. If you're getting this for the first time (I suspect many of you are), PLEASE READ THIS: This is a weekly Email that you signed up for at some time in the past. If you'd rather not get this, please respond that you'd like to be removed, and you will be removed immediately. I hope you give this a chance, and I hope you enjoy...

* * *

In Parshas Tetzaveh, G-d tells Moshe, to in turn command the Jews, to bring Moshe oil for the Ner Tamid, the candle that would burn all day and all night. This is in sharp contrast to the last two Parashot, where G-d lists all the commandments the Jews must follow. Yet the way the Torah phrases it, it looks like MOSHE should be commanding the Jews, and not G-d. Why is it different here?

The Or Hachayim explains that it is in fact to be a commandment from Moshe, and not from G-d. Hashem was telling Moshe to have the Jews voluntarily give oil for the candle to burn, as a sign of respect and love for Him. But Hashem was sending Moshe and the Jews a message with this: The following chapter talks about Moshe bringing Aaron close to MOSHE, in order to teach him to serve G-d properly. So after all the rules we've been commanded, it's now up to us to find new ways to show respect, and to fulfill the will of G-d. Let's find our own oil, and bring the world more light!

Quotation of the Week (thanks to Heidi):
"Greatness is being better than I was yesturday and being even better tomorrow" - Michael Jordan (of all people)

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