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Dvar for Pesach (Passover) 5764

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the short, practical Lelamed Weekly Dvar. Since there is no ordinary Parsha reading, this week's Dvar comes courtesy of Rabbi Simon Jacobson, whose work can (and should be) found at MeaningFullLife.com  (thanks to Clive for bringing this site to my attention). Enjoy...

* * *

We live in a world that has increasingly embraced the inalienable right of every person to be free. It would seem that we are more free than we've ever been, conquering time and space with the World Wide Web, palm pilots, and digital do-it-all pens. But for all this prosperity and high tech, are you more free of your inner demons and scars, of oppressive employers or pressures? Are you more free in your relationships, free of jealousy, anger or substance abuse? Or are we all slaves to our work, situations and relationships?

With the mitzvah of counting the forty-nine days known as Sefirat Ha'Omer, the Torah invites us on a journey into the human psyche, into the soul. There are seven basic emotions that make up the spectrum of human experience. At the root of all forms of enslavement, is a distortion of these emotions. Each of the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot is dedicated to examining and refining one of them. The seven emotional attributes are:

1. Chesed - Lovingkindness;
2. Gevurah - Justice and discipline;
3. Tiferet - Harmony, compassion;
4. Netzach - Endurance;
5. Hod - Humility;
6. Yesod - Bonding;
7. Malchut - Sovereignty, leadership.

The seven weeks, which represent these emotional attributes, further divide into seven days making up the 49 days of the counting. Since a fully functional emotion is multidimensional, it includes within itself a blend of all seven attributes. Thus, the counting consists of structured suggested meditations. For a detailed description and daily exercise, please go MeaningFullLife.com

Quotation of the Week (thanks to Ayelet):
"If God brings you to it - He will bring you through it."

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