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Dvar for Purim 5764

Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to the short, practical Weekly Dvar, although sometimes it may come to you more than once a week (like this week). I had a little thought about Purim (sort of follows from last week's Dvar, too), and thought you might enjoy it. While you're reading this, though, feel free to respond with comments, questions, referrals, donations, or anything else. Enjoy...

* * *

The story of Purim starts with a party, ends with a party, and includes another party in the middle. The first party is the one that Achashverosh threw, the one where holy utensils were used, and the Jews nevertheless participated in. This was a mistake. Then Esther decided to fix the Jews' troubles, and did it by having a party, and confronting Haman at this private party. Coincidence?

It could be that Esther realized that to fix the inappropriateness of the first party she needed to have another party to right those wrongs. Once the efforts of the Jews had shifted toward G-d, the party Esther had prepared indeed corrected what was wronged. And finally, the Jews celebrated their victory by having yet another party, and again showed G-d and the world that they knew how to party, correctly. This Purim, and from now on, let us also show the world that we know how to party, appropriately!

Quotation of the Week (thanks to Michelle):
"Life is always learned backward but must be lived forward."

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