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Special Shema Yisrael Dvar 5764

Welcome to the Weekly Dvar. The Parsha Dvar will be sent later this week (right after Pesach), but since you may want something to discuss over the last days of Pesach, I figured I'd send you this to consider (a project of Shema Yisrael):

* * *

Please share the following valuable message with your family, relatives, friends and community members via E-mail and posting it on your Websites. Become a partner in spreading this powerful message to all of the Jewish people across the globe. Please print this page up and post it at your synagogues, Hebrew schools, Jewish Community Centers and send it to local and national Jewish organizations, magazines and papers. Spreading this message is a win-win situation for us all. Our combined efforts will further unite the Jewish people and will help bring more spiritual light and good to our world.

A physical and spiritual assault was launched on humanity on 9/11/2001. The threat of terrorism still looms large. The tension in Israel continues to rise. Who knows what is coming next? What can we do?

Biblical and modern history demonstrate that, on several occasions, overwhelming Jewish unity has brought security to both the Jewish people and the world as a whole. Now, in our turbulent times, each of us can help in a simple, yet very powerful way: Every morning and evening, at 7 a.m. and at 10 p.m., take a 15 second break from whatever you are doing and say these words: "SHEMA YISRAEL, A-DONOI E-LOHEINU, A-DONOI ECHAD." (Translation: Hear and accept, Israel: The Omnipresent is our G-d, the Omnipresent is One.)

Saying the age old Shema Yisrael prayer - a simple, six word sentence with devotion and sincerity is a wonderful way for us to unite and help all peace loving people in the world at this unprecedented time in history. Join the growing number of Jews throughout the world who have begun to act together. Make this a habit. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thirty seconds a day, that's all it takes.



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